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Fellsmere Wedding Barn

About Our Venue

The Fellsmere Wedding Barn serves as a venue for weddings and other events, in a farm setting. John Ryznic is the owner of our unique venue open for events. For those who wish to have a simple yet rustic barn-theme wedding in Fellsmere, our barn is ideal. You can also plan one of your chilled-down parties or other events here.

Large Venue with Amenities

Fellsmere Wedding Barn is a custom-built wedding barn, made from historic lumber. Ours is a large venue with the amenities to make your ranch themed wedding day a perfect one. Our honest communication and service integrity will surely have you coming back to us for your future events. Choose Fellsmere Wedding Barn to make your special day memorable.

Open For All Events

Our venue is open for all events. You can conduct your concerts or gigs, and all your corporate events. At Fellsmere Wedding Barn, we are happy to party with you.

Fellsmere Wedding Barn
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